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At Smart Eating for Kids we believe that healthy eating is attainable to everyone. But we also respect that to eat and live healthfully can mean a lot of things to a lot of different families. To some it may simply mean limiting junk food and going for more walks, while to others it may mean eating strictly vegan, local, organic and unprocessed foods. No matter what your priorities are, our goal is to offer you a variety of timely information and perspectives to help you make the small (or big!) changes that are right for your family, right now. Think of us as your health savvy best friends who share with you the best of the best from the food world and beyond.


Laura Chalela Hoover

Laura Chalela Hoover, MPH, RD

Laura Chalela Hoover is the founder and Editor-In-Chief of Smart Eating for Kids. She is a registered dietitian who lives in Chicago with her husband and two young children. When she’s not writing for Smart Eating for Kids, she can either be found on her yoga mat or frantically searching her home for her whisks, spatulas and mixing spoons, which double as magic wands, hockey sticks and bath toys.

Managing Editor

KByers Headshot

Kate G. Byers, MS, RD

Kate Byers, co-founder and Managing Editor of Smart Eating for Kids, is a freelance nutrition communications consultant, registered dietitian and the CFO (Chief Food Officer) for her family in suburban Chicago. Kate is an admitted organization junky who loves to make meal plans and grocery lists and her husband and daughter are happy diners in their home test kitchen. When she is not busy organizing the spice rack or figuring out another use for rotisserie chicken, Kate blogs at Indulgent Wellness.


Davenport_062Adrienne Davenport, MPH, RD

Adrienne Davenport is a registered dietitian who, during the day, works for the State of Michigan School Nutrition Programs division. When not working in Michigan’s schools or writing for Smart Eating for Kids, the self-proclaimed “laid-back” dietitian works with her hubby and daughter to make healthy eating fun and a part of their everyday lifestyle – while not forgetting her purse at the market or being stuffy, fancy or unrealistic about it. Adrienne has also begun inching her way toward her goal of running Boston by the age of 40 … one step at a time.



Caroline Margolis, RD

Caroline Margolis is a registered dietitian and food and nutrition communications consultant living with her husband and two young children in the suburban Chicago town she grew up in.  When not busy working or shuttling her kids around, she can be found cooking for her family and friends, trying out new recipes to satisfy her sweet tooth and daydreaming of opening a bakery and pie shop. All foods fit in this dietitian’s world!

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